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Using OOEU with RDS Eu

ooeu code (that doesn't use anything listed under RDS Incompatible Features can be preprocessed into standard RDS Euphoria code. This is accomplished by using the '-p' command line option. A subfolder named 'preprocess' will be created under the directory of the main source file. Any files which use ooeu specific syntax will be modified and saved in this folder. All other files will remain unchanged.

The lines declaring classes will be commented out (so don't put anything else on these lines). Methods will be made global if they belong to a global class. Method names will be changed to the appropriate decoration, with @'s and !'s changed to underscores. Method calls will be properly decorated, and parameters will be moved to their proper Euphoria places. If literal arguments are passed to routine_id(), the preprocessor will properly redecorate routine names. If you pass variables, then you will need to change all @'s and !'s to _'s manually after preprocessing.

You should be able to run, shroud, bind or translate the processed files with the standard, speedy RDS Euphoria backend (you may need to copy them or other files because the processed files will be in a different directory).