Getting Started

Getting Started
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What should I do?

If you downloaded executables, you can put them in your %EUDIR%\bin\ directory and run them from the command line just like you would with the normal RDS interpreters. I recommend putting the source in its own directory. You can then develop other programs in the same directory, and run them:

   exw eu.ex my_app.exw
This can get messy, however. It is recommended that you either put the code that you're working on in a subdirectory or a sibling directory of the directory where you put the source. Then you can run the app:
  exw eu.ex subdirectory\my_app.exw
  exu eu.ex ../siblingdirectory/my_app.exu 
There are several demos included to demonstrate the features of ooeu: If you've downloaded the binary files, you'll need to put them in your path (on Windows, you can simply put them all in your euphoria\bin directory). Under Linux, you should put all of the shared libraries (.so files) in the usr/lib directory. You'll need to have root access to do this. Here is a list of the binary files, and the recommended place to do put them: