Dot notation

Dot notation
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Using Object Oriented Features

Dot notation:

  ? object.member
You may also get the value of a member's subscript by using the euclass name as the instance:
   ? ClassName.MemberName
This preprocesses to:
   ? ClassName_MEMBER_MemberName
These two would be equivalent:
   ? MyInstance.MemberName
   ? MyInstance[ClassName.MemberName]
In the case where duplicate members have been declared, the last declared member becomes the defaul. The only way to access an earlier declared member is to explicitly subscript it:
    euclass foo( sequence s )
        integer x, y
    end euclass

    euclass bar( foo f )
        integer x
    end euclass

    bar b
    b = {1,2,3}
    ? b.x        -- will print 3 (because .x refers to the bar.x member)
    ? b[foo.x]   -- will print 1