What is OOEU?

Object Euphoria adds object oriented capabilities to Euphoria. The goal of this project is to accomplish interesting and useful enhancements to the Euphoria front end, without having to change anything in the back end (or at least as little as possible). This interpreter outputs standard RDS Intermediary Language (IL) code that could in theory be run by the RDS optimized Euphoria back end. It can also preprocess code to allow an application originally coded in Object Euphoria to be preprocessed, interpreted, bound and compiled using the RDS executables. (There are exceptions to this, listed under RDS Incompatible Features below.)

As-is, this code allows you to use some object oriented techniques with Euphoria, without the added overhead or clumsy syntax that an added Object Oriented library requires. You may also create bound or shrouded applications from your code without requiring the RDS binder.

The source versions of OOEU require Euphoria v2.5. The binary versions are self-contained, although you may need the standard libraries distributed by RDS.

Latest news

October 13, 2006:
OOEU v1.9.0 released.